Getting a bit..Mushy??

Ok..I read this..and wanted to save it..so what a better place to save it here..in my very own spot on the net.

"How come....when I'm with you Ifeel like I am holding my breath, and takeing a deep breath all at the same time...and when I close my eyes, I see you..."

"Because I am breathing you into my soul and breathing myself into yours....and because I'm holding you in my thoughts so firmly that you can see me in your own."

Ok..some may just have a moment of throwing up in their mouth...but..it's sooo


ohhhhhhhh the mush side of Almighty comes out...

This is the stuff Lifetime networks made of:) Ha!

Hope you all had a great Christmas~~


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

no ..
i don't think mushy necessarily ..
we all want to be cherished. that's what it's about ..

AlmightyHeidi said...

It still gives me the shivers:)

X. Dell said...

You'd think that holding your breath and breathing deeply would result in flatulence. But apparently not.

MaQuade said...

I look at that, and I think to myself "Now THERE are two people who absolutely GET IT and have it made!"

Thanks for sharing :)