Ho Ho Ho


Ok…we could not track Santa by Google earth when we were little..how cool is that!!!

When I was a little girl, my grandparents made a surprise visit to us in North Carolina from New York. My parents were dirt poor, had no oil in the funrnace, no food..no Christmas tree. Grandma and grandpa walked in the house, looked around, and walked back out. They came back with tons of food, presents, filled the oil tank so our house became warm... and in the back of the car was a beautiful tree..and all the ornaments to hang.

My grandmother just would not have it any other way...as I grew up I came to appreciate her giving spirit, and want to model myself after that.

That night knowing we had presents it was soo hard to sleep, and the excitement was beyond butterflies in the stomach. Just about that time, my grandfather, and dad went outside, got and the roof..jingled some bells, stomped around and started yelling..HOHOHO..

OH my god it’s santa..please let me go to sleep, please let me go to sleep..i really really really really really really want my presents I have been a good girl. I was truly stressing out...I heard he didnt come to those who were not asleep...

Here are to those Christmas miracles I will never forget growing up, and the things that made it so special…and here’s to my grandfather..the reindeer stomper, who is celebrating his 90th birthday ..on Christmas day…and he was born in Bethlehem (seriously)…Pennsylvania that is.

Heidi HO HO HO


foam said...

loved this story!
and you lived in north carolina?

foam said...

merry christmas!

X. Dell said...

Heidi, Heidi. Didn't know you'd been posting behind our backs. We've missed you.

The Christmas story is a nice one. grandparents are the coolest, aren't they? And I'm glad that at least one of yours is still clinging to this mortal coil. I wish him, you and yours many happy returns.

As for the fight, I am afraid it's a male ritual at that age. I tried to avoid it, mostly because I was nerdy, smaller and scrawnier than the other guys. But I wound up getting involved in it because, frankly, I am a recovering alpha male, and, well, you know how that goes, cowardice or not.

Your daughter seemed saddened by the realization that you are her real mother. I hope I'm misreading it. After all, I would hope she had your sense of humor.

Hope you had a great Christmas. I had a decent one.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thanks to all of you!
Foam..I lived in NC for about 6 years..that is where the stories of ALmighty Heidi and her brother began:) good memories!!
X-dell..I am sneaky..very sneaky!!
And my children..they all have my sick sense of humor:)..and some even worse!!