Happy happy joy joy

It finally happened..happiness. Lots of happiness. Maybe it is like a mania..maybe I have bipolar stuff…nahhhh….

Not sure where it came from, maybe because I am sleeping, working out again, got the walls down and started working on myself, but it make sense. I feel good.

Jamming out to Feelin’ Alright by Joe Cocker

Thank you Thank you Thank you to the Almighty Heidi Warrior goddess who pulled me out of my FuNk.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. I hate feeling blue, and down, and luckily for me it does not last too long. Just spats every now and then that I end up blogging about. Mind you I am still leavin’ what’s his name, and life is still hard..but today..I’m baking cookies gosh darn it…yeah..cookies..so there.

So this morning I was sharing the story about my daughter getting the cell phone picture of some kids enormous sized yahoo on her phone. Yeah, I am still on that. It’s is so wrong, therefore I must tell my friends, and blog about it.

Who said I was normal?

It reminded me about a story about 6 months ago or so. My sons had bunk beds and shared a room, with an adjoining bathroom.

My youngest and I are in a habit of every day after work sitting on the back porch and talking for a few minutes before I start dinner, while I have a cup of coffee.

One day Michael comes over to me. He has a look on his face, he is in another world.

“What’s the matter Michael?”

“Wellll, I was wondering something”

“Go ahead..shoot!” I told him.

I am not sure if this gave him the ultimate permission to ask, if he feels comfortable talking with me with these things or what, but he had a gleam in his eye, a smile, and a look of concern all at the same time.

“Well….you know Nate and I share a room..and well, I’ve accidently seen the wrong part of him a couple of time when he’s gone to the bathroom, or gotten dressed”

Oh lord…."Ok…….” I said

“Well..let’s just say..Nathan is HUGE, it’s like ..well like... an ANACONDA!!”

I busted out laughing, and wanted to sanitize my ears all at the same time.

“He IS mom I swear, and..I umm…I am the size of let’s say…a garden snake”

I am trying not to laugh but by this time there are tears……lots and lots of tears...rolling..

“When I hit..ya know..puberty that is all gonna change right?”

Well Michael..some become anacondas…some stay garden snakes..but you still have a lot of time to…..grow”

Thought I would share that one for a good laugh


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