The kids are only on day one from being off from school and already are driving each other CRAZY. Nathan had entirely too much sugar in his system or something, but he was so hyper. He and his brother started wrestling each other on the floor. This is a guy bonding ritual I just do not understand. Finally there was some smack talk that went between them.

Nate “You’re a wuss”

Mike” You’re a retard”

Nate” You smell like ass” right about this time I was jumping up telling them to knock it off and stop cursing, which I can’t stand…but then Michael had to put one more in there


What is up with my kids, first Kayla now Michael.

However, that did make Nathan laugh and just as the wrestling was going to develop in a fight they were both on the floor laughing.

I had to put in my two sense..”Out of three million sperm you guys are the ones who made it”
Then they went eww and just kept rolling on the floor laughing…me along with them.

Yeah..we are not normal..yeah we have a sick sense of humor…but…that’s amore’ in my family.

Almighty Heidi


foam said...

are you sure those are your boys and not mine?
anyway .. merry christmas to you and your loved ones .. :)

AlmightyHeidi said...

Hmmm..maybe somehow related. Merry Christmas to you to!!!!