New Years Resolutions 2009

Ok, here it is...resolutions 2009. I have decided that this year sucked big giant gopher balls. So why put undue pressure on myself on things that I the Almighy Heidi cannot control.
Here are the things that I know I am capable of doing..and will continue this year.

1. I will continue my collection of forgotten about 1/2 drunk coffee mugs in my office, and gross myself out when I see an array of green fuzzy mold growth.

2. Obsessive pen chewing..can't stop, therfore I wont.

3. Write out grocery lists...and leave them at home.

4. Get pretty lit up every other Friday when the kids go to their dad's. This is a must to keep my sanity..*Yay*

5. Umm drunk dial..text..or facebook...Refer to #4.

6. Possibly use my gym membership.

7. Leave Bruce. He's a prick...thus #8.

8. Move when my lease is up. (I HATE moving)

9. Helloooo shoe shopping. I am a female ya know.

10. Continue with my chap stick additicion ritual.


foam said...

all sounds good to me ..
good luck with #8 ..

and you have a good new year heidi !! .. :)

MaQuade said...

Oh, I JUST figured out why you're all about open toed shoes! It gives your left foot room to moe around through the front since you buy shoes that are sized to your RIGHT foot! I should have known.

About the mold in the coffee cups... You might want to have each sample tested. There MIGHT be something growing there that can help you with B...

Cathy said...

I am soooo guilty of #3!!!