Talking With The Aliens In My Brain

I had a good friend tell me today..."You do talk to yourself...alot". Ok so I KNOW i talk to myself..but alot??

After thinking to myself, then actually catching me speaking..to the only person in the room..myself..I realized that they were right.

Today at the store for instance. I was in the grocery isle planning dinners for the week.."Hmm yellow rice, white rice, brown rice, I can have it with black beans..maybe with pork chops" OUT freggin LOUD.

There must be a cure. But I think the voices in my head like me talking..to..Them? Ha!

When the blu tooth came out I was absolutly freaked out by a guy in car of me having a passionate conversation..to himself..but it was actually on his phone.

A few weaks ago I was in my car on the way home, sorting through my thoughts and emotions, cursing at myself, then..just making it all better. Then it dawns on me my car windows are not tinted enough for this type of behavior. HA! My boss comments on it all the time as well stating that "Heidi is just in her office....talking to herself"

Well after looking it up online, I am normal...just trying to process life in general. The voices says that is ok too.


Heidi and her little green friends..they say Hi.


foam said...

hi all y'all .. :)
y'all sounds perfectly fine to me.
i just curse outloud .... to myself ..
really bad habit in the profession i'm in ..
i've managed to just barely keep it under my breath at the work place ..

Cathy said...

You are NOT alone! I drive all day long, and I talk to myself all the time. I do, however, edit where I do it. For instance, I make fun of people who sing at the gym...dance along to the song on their ipods, etc. But, I will "rehearse" new characters while I'm driving from one client to another.

AlmightyHeidi said...

They say thanks foam!!!
Cathy Welcome!!! I must learn the "edit" technique!!! Master Yoda:)