Trying To Control Insanity

So I added a bookshelf to my blog..pretty good books I have read recently. I could use some good suggestions to something new to read.

Also when touching up this ol' blog I ended up enabling myself to type in Hindi...wTF? It took me awhile to figure that one out.

So the Almighty Heidi does not normally like change. It comes from a lifetime of moving, going to twelve schools, and just wanting to be invisable, and not rock the boat.
There is so much change in the air lately, I had a pep talk to myself..yes talking to myself, in the car, saying "You are in control of your life"...while looking at myself in the mirror.But am I really?? Seriously fate has a way of stepping in by death, divorce, the unexpected, job loss, job promotion...whatever and fucking the control up, then you have to learn to let go, to regain some of it back..Insanity I tell ya..insanity....and then you end up typing in hindi it fucks you up real good.

Ohhh speaking of insanity..I am getting up, supposedly, according to the aliens, at 5 am for a work out. Reallly...talked myself into it. I'll let you know how that goes.

1. Not enough time in the evenings.
2. Way to tired after work.
3. Stupid head teenage son was still in bed this morning..missing the bus"Oh there was school today??" Umm yeah, I only reminded you 40 times yesterday...the new x box must go, and I feel the urge to wake him up, id I indeed wake up at 5 am, with my big lobster pot filled with icewater.

Number 3 is really worth it (evil grin).

BUT....I hate mornings....and my stupid head son..same one that did not wake up..accidently broke my coffee pot this evening.....this is not looking good so far..no coffee...no brain...no cognative thinking...ummm..oy?

Oh One more "strike" from the teenage son..and I might send him to a little town that speaks hindi.

Wo ha ha ha "

I am in control, I am in control"


Almighty Heidi


terri said...

loved this!
we are definitely on the same
wave length here, ms. almighty!
you make me laugh...and hit the
chords inside me just right.

thanks for that!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohhhhh thank you Ms. Terri. I feel sooo honored. I got a comment from "THE Tenatious Terry"!! I am soo honored (Really!) I read your blog, and look forward to the new entires.
You have touched my heart with alot of your work. I sent an e card from your site to my father who is getting divorced, my mom left him after 40 years.
The card brought a flood of(good) tears, and it sits on his desk at work...as a reminder through this for him not to give up...and honor his own soul.


MaQuade said...

He BROKE your coffee pot... and he's STILL ALIVE??? Holy SHIT!

So- talking to yourself in the mirror while driving? Yeah. OY!

I hope that you're starting to see the GOOD in what fate has brought about. I know it's change, and change has usually been unhappy for you... But perhaps what you're perceiving as something you had no control over IS, ultimately, YOUR choice :) I know what my choice is!

AlmightyHeidi said...

HA! Maquade, I am soo glad you wrote this comment, it popped through on my email, and it reminded me to write down "GET COFFEE POT" on my grocery list...the list that I will ultimatly forget...damn. This morning..with lack of coffee...knowing I would not have it that is, I pressed snooze about 30 time and irritated the hell out of B. I AM IN CONTROL.. hahaha.

foam said...

ohhhhhhhhh ...
that 'i'm gonna get up at 5 am and work out voice' ..
.. i've heard that one a few times myself ..
i think i heeded it about twice .. a long time ago .. ;)

anyways, heidi ..
i think some of these changes in the long run will really be good for you.

and lordy ..
can't teenagers be annoying as all get out at times? ;)

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohhh yessss....and then when they get bigger than you are it is truly sooo scary..mr size 12 and a half feet and 5'11 and keeps on growin!!