First of all..I added a followers list to my blog..umm I have one..yay me. Thank you All Mighty follower...(ha)

Ok, so I got up this morning, and hated it. I could not find a pot to fit my coffee machine, I should have bought a whole new one…

Sooo picture this…I am standing laying my head on the counter top desperately waiting for the coffee to brew. ??
Two words.Captain Morgan.

I am holding the cup in one hand pressing up on the little thingy that keeps the liquid from coming out when you take the coffee pot away in mid brew…it was a sad sight to see…and since my hair is so short It was standing straight up, and I forgot to wash off my makeup…NOT attractive whatsoever.

I should not have finished off the rest of the Captain Morgan right before my health kick…but I did put it in Pomegranate juice so that counts right??? Right? Well, I felt better about it anyways..Until this morning..at 5 freggin AM, right before my work out. (Smart Heidi really smart)

On another note...

Last night I had a very sad dream about a past friend dying..I hated it because it saddened me so much..and the dream stuck with me throughout the morning. Even though it was not real, I just could not shake it...don't ya hate those!

However, this dream was cool in a sense that it added on from a dream I had years ago that I remembered…
I was able to see all the people who have touched my life..good..the bad..and the ugly, and how it weaved into my own web of me.

Almost like a snowflake, we all have our own webs, fingerprints…lives..life history...our very own story.

I was able to thank those who had touched me, and mourn those who I had lost along the way.

A bit mushy for me, but it truly was cool.

I am sure it was from a mixture alcohol and last nights thoughts.

Before I went to bed I was thinking that my kids were forever intertwined in my life for this one..and the next…I kept seeing the symbol for infinity in my minds eye....all along the path of the symbol was my life's happenings weaved into it.

I like the idea..we all touch each other in some way or another…and a new weave will be made…and if there is such thing as reincarnation, there are so many people that I want to know and love again in the next life…I love the word Infinity…I use it all the time.
"I Love you to Infinity" I tell the kids.

EXCEPT..knowing this Almighty Heidi’s luck I would be stuck with all the people I did not like in this life…noooooooooo bad infinity bad bad bad.

Ohhh sooo deep today.....I might start..chanting or something.... I could start a cult..then maybe then I might have followers.... or maybe I have secret followers..likea secret sect of the Almighty...that makes me almost cool!



Anonymous said...

Dreams are fantastic and even the sad ones can be useful.

AlmightyHeidi said...

I had a dream about my father having a hert attack..and it did happen two weeks later in the same exact manner...the universe just prepared me I think.

foam said...

hey ..
i'm a follower ..
been one for a long time, don'tcha know .. ;)

you have interesting dreams, heidi ..
i remember a blog you used to have where you wrote some of your dreams down. don't know if you still have it.

MaQuade said...

I'd like to join this sect and participate in the chanting :)

I'd like to have seen this 'hair straight up' as you mourned the lack of a coffee pot. I'll bet you looked like a.... a ROOSTER!

On a more serious note... Look outside of the 'literal' about your dream. This could have been symbolic or a changed in your life, or a change in your mindset that has 'put to rest' one way of thinking once and for all.

I like the idea of infinity in terms of family, your kids, those you love, those who love you... It's not about the destination, it's about the journey :)

Back to a lighter note... search ebay for an after-market coffee pot that will fit your machine :)


AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohhhh I have 2 followers!!!!!!

My ever so faithful foam sidekick!!!!!!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Oh...and foam..I deleted my dream blog...too much writing...I do have pretty cool dreams...I can't beleive you remember. Maquade....
*Ummmm dillly dillyyy ummmmm* I just made that chant up just for you....and it is about the journey AND the destinmation..i have to disagree with you there..and don't argue..women are ALWAYS right...
And the coffee pot..I STILL did not have one this morning....ughhhh