The Moon Around The Planets

Today on the haircast the news said it would be another good one, they lied. I have a butch lesbian hairstylist whom I love, who chopped off the hair I was trying to grow...nothing to fix that..not even duct tape and super glue, that fixes everything in the south.

I had a bit of an off day. Not quite sure where it came from. The feeling of being unimportant. I suppose maybe from my dwindling relationship. Not sure why I let it get to me. I wish I cold just leave now. I am a rip it off band-aid kind of girl. This whole thing of having to wait till summer to go, I just feel like I am tearing it off slowly. But it comes down to the almighty dollar.

B went and gambled away all his money the past two weekends leaving me in the poorhouse with the bills. I know he must sense my unhappiness, which has been signifigant since october. Maybe this is his way of coping...that would be his excuse.. That's just plain stupid...and a cop out...oh and selfish.

Without the bill money as promised I am behind on everything and had to get a cash advance from my job. What a low point. My phone is broke, the vaccum is broke, my daughter is broke, my kids need a serious talking to, Michael needs shoes...and sometimes it is a heavy weight to bear by myself....espcially the finiacial part.

This maybe the unimportant feeling. That I am important enough to take care of, that we are important enoughto take care of. I hope to be the first thought in someones mind. WWAHD? (What would almighty heidi do?)

I want to be on the same level as another person, not feeling demeaned, less than, below..i want to be in sync...It made me think of the Moon and the earth..they just do what they are supposed to in their own dance around each other..effortlessly. Now I know that is silly in a relationship..and this white girl cant dance...
Most relationships have some metors, .but some gravitational pull sometimes twoards each other now and then..would be good..being on the same page about stuff....

I want to rip the bandaid...I've used too many bandaids to make it all better. Sometimes there just is not one big enough...



Ohhh and speaking of moons..why oh why must large women wear spandex to the gym...somebody help me here..lord have mercy it is just wrong.

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MaQuade said...

First, I noticed that you changed your smartass comments to almighty comments.

Second, leave the spandex fatties alone. They're trying to improve themselves and we should be judgemental. OK. I'm full of shit. Take pics so we can have a good laugh!

Third, don't even THINK about trying to 'manage' your followers, either as a group or as individuals. Nothing good will come of that :)

And Fourth and most important... You're significant. You're important. It's unfortunate that people don't always tell us that we matter to them. But I can promise you, it's not because that don't love you or care about you or respect you. I can guarantee you that if anything ever happened to you, your kids (who may not always say thank you mom) would be devastated. So yes, you're important. Your parents, your brother, your close friends... all would suddenly have a piece of them ripped painfully away not to have you in their lives.

Remember Heidi... to the world, you might be just one person. But to some people, you ARE the world.