The Alien Planet Of Pug

2 Years ago I adopted two dogs. It was one, then I was suckered into fostering another dog, and of course I had to get him too. They are both older dogs.

One was hit A LOT, which pisses me off. It took him a year not to flinch at every movement or sound. He has become very loyal, and will not leave my side. If I am in the bathroom, he is outside it waiting. His name is Cosmo and is 8..which is perfect for my Alien self, and Cosmo is out of this world.

Winston Churchill is my other pug he is 7 and a complete retard. So then again he fits well into my family. He is the only dog that will not come when called, and if you go to pick him up he turns the other way, even though he wants to be picked up. His world is ruled by how much food he can sucker out of the humans in my household. He often wins...no ..always is more like it.

As much as I do not LIKE my job, I feel blessed these days to HAVE one. It is also pretty flexible for kids appointments and what not..and..I got to bring Cosmo to work with me today. He is underneath my feet, snoring contently. I’d bring him every day if I could, I enjoy the company, and dogs really do lower the stress levels. BIG time. I might have to sneak him in more often, The staff loves him.

I never owned a dog until now. I think maybe when I was growing up I should have. The companionship seems to be that much better than a man. HA! Except….hmm big strong arms around me at night..that would be nice, along with the other ..umm..perks… damn, well it sounded good for a second.

I hope everyone has an almighty weekend.



foam said...

i love pugs ..
they are so cute in such a very strange lovable way ..

i've never had a dog either until i adopted the one i have 7 1/2 years ago from an animal shelter ..
she's spastic but i love her .. :)
(she a mutt)

Anonymous said...

No dog here, but two budgerigars.

MaQuade said...

Yo... Almighty...

It's been like 5 days since you posted this! Certainly there must be SOMETHING that you'd like to blog to us about since then!!!