Planet Work

I have been a bit tied up recently with work. I am thankful to have a job, but the jobs left these days..well we are doing triple the amount as people are being laid off. It is cumbersome and exausting. Today, however was my first easy day in weeks..and I needed it. This is a picture I took today with my new camera phone. I soo look like I have a bad attitude. *Shake it off Heidi shake it off*

Then there are the teenagers....seriously want to sell em on craigs list...that is a whole other topic. Moms should be given heavy doses of Valium while having children between 13- and 19 years of age. I need to write Obama to see if he will pass a law...making this legal....

So the Almighty Heidi is moving full throttle ahead with her top secret plans. I have just paid off two biggie credit cards so that when I get a place of my own in July I can finacially be ok. This was a big step, and it felt wonderful and liberating.

Big gigantic step number two..umm well..I fornicated..yes the almight is a fornicater...but ya know, I just wanted to feel like a woman again..and...damn...Woohhoooooo.

I like fornification lol...this too..was liberating...and helped me to remember..I still got it.

Finally moving forward, I ave been working out...and that has helped me to keep my sanity..and sleep..ahh sleep is a good thing!!

Bow Chickie Wow Wow



foam said...

i really do like your photo.
i can't figure out how to download photos from my cell phone myself.

i reckon if we have a job we should count outselves amongst the lucky.

you know, heidi ..
aren't you worried that b. might find your blog online?

MaQuade said...

That pic doesn't at all look like you've got a bad attitude :) GREAT EYES though!

You've got the valium idea halfway wrong. It needs to go to the kids, not you... That's the whole point of tranquilizers: They get the tranquilizer, and YOU get the tranquility (grin)

Sooooo... bow chiki wow wow, huh? Lucky guy! (Wait... it *IS* a guy, isn't it???)

Congrats on all the big steps. Seems that you're making strides!

Foam- try emailing your phone pics from the phone to your email address.

foam said...

maquade ..
i'll try to do that. now i just need to find where my friggin' phone is. it's on mute too.
but i don't think i have that service.
my phone is part of a package deal with other phones in a business

Anonymous said...

I did have to look fornicate up - have sex without being married.

Good for you.

It is a great photo. I don't think you have a bad attitude. You look like a teenager with attitude.