Well, Like I said in my previous posts, I am sleeping, and sleeping well. Of course..as always I am dreaming, everynight vividly and taking care of business with the inner Heidi.

However...I'm not sure if it's the spurt of warm weather that came along today, general boredom of my job, but I keep daydreaming. I do longgg to be outside.
Heidi is in her own world...alot..my focus just aint here.or there, I don't know where I put that darn focus thingy....the aliens in my brain are wandering into other far away lands..avoiding the mundane.

I got in trouble ALOT as a kid for this, so this is where I learned to doodle on my papers when we were supposed to be taking notes...but I was listning..while doodling while daydreaming. I was also the weird kid who was saving catterpillars from their imminent death on the play ground, catching fireflys to watch them glow, and let them go before my brother would cut off their butts...for the ones who did not make it...I had a bug funeral...I still have issues even thinking about when my fish dies..theres too much guilt about the whole burial by toilet...
It's part of me I suppose...so I of course, decided I had to look daydreaming scientifically.

Found out that the guy who developed the "Sticky note" did so while day dreaming in church. He was getting irritated with all the notes not sticking in his hymnal, and falling out when he had to find a certain song in the church choir...so he thought what if I made something that stuck.

Niceeeeeeeee daydream *Chi ching*..Now why dont I get day dreams like that..then I heard the little alien monger in my head say "Maybe you just are not listening" I hate it when they are right. Grrr.
Mr. Einstein..my favorite person to study and read about..BIG time day dreamer, and most brilliant man...EVER..came up with his super uber kewl ideas while in la la land.

Hmmm Maybe..*IM BRILLIANT*!!!! Tell THAT to my third grade teacher, the one who pulled my ear for not paying attention.

Nawww..the "im brilliant" thought was good for a sec though.
Scientists have proved that lala land is crucial to our creative thought process...so we can think..outside of the box...and many times project our thoughts and emotions into the future...if given any situation..thus WWAHD.. "What would the almighty Heidi do"?

Then I read this part" It's very important to realize when you need to focus. If you are at a traffic light you dont want your mind to wantder off and run a red light"


Both dreaming while awake, and dreaming while asleep, I have had my best ideas, and some of the best ways to settle conflict as well. Last night, however, i did not settle the conflict outside of my dream, but just giving Kaylas Doctor a peice of my mind in my dream...well I got some of the pent up emotion off my chest. Also...for some reason..had a great recipie in my mind using the rest of the fresh sage leaves I got from the market. I will try tonight...this was part of my daydreaming today...the sage..yum...oh oh and thyme.

I even got my idea for my last apartment, what color to paint it, and it was the best color EVER.

We all have the sleeping stress dreams, being chased, or mine for awhile was war on our land, and tidal wave dreams..thats when I knew I was stressed to the max. Have not had those in while.

Then there was midgets...in green pantyhose....well maybe not all dreams have meaning....

Sleep well my blog followers...

Almighty *Yawn* Heidi


Anonymous said...

Midgets in green pantyhose.
I interpret that as a try to do men (male) less impressive - take us down, giving us a more realistic position. Or something like that.

AlmightyHeidi said...

No, it was just in the mornings. Unseasonably cold. We will be up to 80 over the weekend. Lots of warm sunshine finally!!

Anonymous said...

80 is not so common here, maybe a few days in the summer. But not every year.

MaQuade said...

Midgets in green pantyhose?

Leprechaun cross-dresser porn.

foam said...

actually doodling probably helped you to pay attention .. while you were daydreaming at the same time. see? you were already multitasking as a child.

so .. clark gable is starting to show up in my dreams more frequently ..