Magic Whispers

How strange...how really odd...but how..wonderful.

Two blogs ago, I spoke of my grandmother, wishing she were with me, whispering all my secret thoughts and fears into the heavens, asking her what she would do...she would know what to do, and certainly she would have me packed and moved knowing her.

In the beggining of my blog I wished I had a thousand dollars more, and movers.

Yesterday, in a strange twist, that happened. I was owed some back child support, and it came in. And for the movers, well, that is a suprise yet to be told.

The Almighty Heidi's whispers underneath my blanket, warm salty tears down my face, prayers to my grandmother.....heard.


And just so you all know, I am ok. I am. I had alot of weird emotions I was not expecting to work through, but when all was said and done, I feel...releif.

I move in two weeks, and am ready for new.

Ready for forward.

So today, I shout a hearty thank you to the heavens, and take my first steps into...

Almighty Heidi


Cat said...

Ah ready for now now - That is priceless!

Shadow said...

let the adventure begin!

foam said...


AlmightyHeidi said...

Thanks ladies, it's been interesting thus far..im...excited.

Louis said...

That is wonderful! Good luck with this new beginning. And remember someone up there sees you when you cry, and does something about it :)

Anonymous said...

I hope it all goes easily and good luck Heidi.