Just rambling thoughts from my head....

Words fused together
Her voiced danced in my head
Undeniable courage
Faith in things to come
Unrecognizable power
Her words are like honey

I can feel her smile
leaving a mark on my soul

I think you are beautiful

You are strong
The chameleon
Ever changing
Changing in hopes of…

These thoughts will not leave me alone

Making me uncomfortable in my own skin
The other voices trying to drown her out
The voices who chime in
Telling me not to listen

But yet,

Her words danced in my head
Undeniable courage
Feeling the
power not yet tapped into

Open your eyes
See the future
Of things unknown

To the words dripping of honey

Feel the unrecognizable power
And know that I am you
I am woman

uncomfortable in my own skin

I choose not to beleive

the words fuse together

the words fuse together

choosing what is easier

I no longer hear

but there is a mark left on my soul

and I close my eyes and sleep

and dream of the chameleon

Almighty Heidi

1 comment:

Shadow said...

changing in hope of ? if it's for you it's good, if not, don't listen to those words...