To Touch Human

To touch human

is to dance when there is no song.

To sing

when nobody else can hear the music within.

To touch human
is to hold my hand

and break away the walls

to hold me close

choosing to hold on tight.

For to you to let go
would be like breathing my last breath

To touch human

is to fear

but go forth courageously

knowing that I might fail

but still clinging onto hope

looking ahead
regardless of the odds
stacked too high up

To touch human

is to help another

to inspire
to encourage
to love

even when inside
it feels like there is nothing left to give
Touching human
the inner light flickers

about to go out
exploding into new flame

of seeing through the sufferers eyes

allowing yourself not to hold back

risking your own heart to save anothers

tasting love
beliving in magic
seeing beyond our own understanding

can you feel it in your soul?

the flickering light?

Dance with me
sing with me
hold my hand
believe in me
climb the walls
touch the light

and you will hear the music

created in my own language

which you can understand

My soul

My humaness.

Love The Almighty Heidi


MaQuade said...

You are the music, the light, the dance, the touch, and the love. It's your walls I'd climb forever to experience them all.


Shadow said...

touch. so much more than skin upon skin...

Marsha said...

Very nice.

Gin said...

This is absolutely beautiful.

Chuck Dilmore said...


these are not words at all...
you've created drops, droplets to be
sipped but not swallowed right away.


AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you all, this was inspired by those around me, watching somebody hold another, seeing the dance with no music..beautiful, and you all...are beautful.

Marsha said...


Marsha said...

Did I mention I'm an obsessive pen chewer as well? Does everyone around you absolutely HATE that habit?

AlmightyHeidi said...

Oh yes Marsha..but it keep my pens from being stolen, noone wants em!

Cat said...

Yes - you are all of this and so much more - I would be delighted to accompany you on this path of life.

Marsha said...

You know, that's a very valid point. When one is a pen chewer noone EVER wants your pens.