I was reading a blog about a person who was violently ill on a plane. The woman next to her, a complete stranger could not speak her language but offered her coat, and stroked her arm through the flight…Shhhhh she would day Shhhhh as if she were a child. I was really in awe over this. Most would people would want another seat. Here is her link she allowed me to post.
So I started writing..

There are no words

To heal my wounds

I cannot hear you

The hidden places that do not show

Bruised and blistered

Blind my ears

But you know
You understand, you’ve been there before

And you cover me with your coat of compassion
Protecting the fragility of my soul

Stroke my hair
With the hands of affection

As my emotions cripple my insides
Wrap me in your arms of comfort

Like a mother to its child

And you let me rest for awhile
As I find my way back

To unbroken.

~Almighty Heidi


Merry ME said...

Just what I needed today. Thanks.

Merry ME said...
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Merry ME said...
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Merry ME said...

Apparently aliens invaded my fingers. I somehow posted my last comment 3 times. Sorry!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Ohh Merry..those damn aliens will getcha every time. Im glad you found this today :)

foam said...

this is beautiful, heidi ..
and your whole blog is just so very beautiful.
i hope you are well .. :)

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Heidi ~ that poem is so lovely and yes it seems a theme for today.

Shadow said...

this soothed my soul, thank you!

Art Is Life, Life Is Art said...

Absolutely wonderful and beautiful post. :o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely indeed Heidi. I hope everything is alright.

Cat said...

Perfectly done Heidi. Magnificient this one!