The time has come where the income tax and savings have run out and child support is still ceased...and I have had the flu..for 5 days.

Im scared
kinda feel alone
without alot of options

Going to move into a tiny 2 bedroom place in July
if i can pull that off
which requires me landing that second job

So for now
I have nothing left to say

Im done writing

It was a fun.

Almighty Heidi


Anonymous said...

sorry to see you go-I have found momments of serenity in your poetry.

Michael Van der Tol said...

Heidi, I am counting on your writing. And though I may not always comment I do read your posts. Please keep the writing going.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Of course I wish you well-being as you traverse upon your journey Heidi but I will be saddened not to read your words...

Perhaps it is just a time for taking care of business and not for blogging so much...you know there are no obligations to it really so I hope you reconsider and just set it aside for awhile...further down the road you may want to come back to it.

Your poetry is vital to you and those connected to you Dear One!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Aw shucks guys. I miss writing already. Thanks for the comments. I guess...I will just see which direction the wind blows..and if anything else comes to surface in the writing world. Feeling kinda..wordless.