She Whispers To Me

Always with her hands out


The invisible rope to more

Begging to touch it

Always out of grasp.

She whispers to me

"Let go"

"Just….let…go.. "

I’ve been holding on for so long

I forgotten how..

How to unclench my hands.

Have you forgotten

the now, the today ?

When you are trying to touch
if you are reaching what is out of your grasp….


just maybe

if you let go


It will come to You.

Let go.

~Almighty Heidi


Aadoria said...

Amazing. "let it go" is tatooed on me, it's a difficult thing to do, I may never learn. Thank you for sharing.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Funny you should say that I just got a tattoo myself that says "Truth" reminding me of my true self my path :)Thank you for stopping by!

foam said...

forgetting how to let go is like forgetting how to exhale. sometimes i have ti firce myself to do both.

Dulce said...

letting go is too often a hard task

HootieBird said...

do we ever learn to let go of what's in our hearts ,when there may be a chance not to let go

Anonymous said...

thanks amigo! great post!

Matt D said...

I usually let go when I should have held on, and hold on when I should have let go. But gradually I'm fine tuning things and making a little progress. But it's hard work. You write straight from the heart! ;)

AlmightyHeidi said...

@Foam..exhaling..good idea. @Matt thank you for always being a fan :)